Ox Pasture Hall Wedding Photographer

As the years have gone by, I've ended up doing less and less weddings in my local town of Scarborough. Whilst it's always amazing to work in new venues and locations, it's nice to be back on your own doorstep now and again. Ox Pasture Hall is just a 10 minute drive from our home and this is undoubtedly one of the very best weddings I've been lucky enough to photograph there. 

Kerry & Richard - AKA Kez & Darbs - are such a truly great and genuinely lovely couple and after looking back through their images from last year, it reaffirmed how much pure, raw emotion you get to capture being a wedding photographer. Their wedding is absolutely brimming with it! Every couple who enquires about my services now are focussed on their day being fun and relaxed but still retaining what it means to be them. These are ALWAYS the very best weddings and Kez & Darb's day was a particular highlight from last year - I'm really pleased to be able to finally share a few of my favourites from it...

Ox Pasture Hall - Ox Pasture Hall Wedding Photographer Neil Jackson is the guy behind the lens of Neil Jackson Photographic. Passionate about telling the real story of your wedding day, in his unobtrusive, sensitive and completely authentic and creative style. Committed to capture the special moments of your wedding day, Neil is based in Scarborough, near York and Leeds, and as a destination wedding photographer travels across the county of Yorkshire, the UK, Europe and worldwide.

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