Whilst on our honeymoon back in January, we were lucky enough to visit Yosemite National Park for a few days. Being a bit of a landscape photography nut, it's almost impossible not to be influenced by the great Ansel Adams, who made his name photographing Yosemite and the American West. When you're in such an iconic place, it's difficult not to be drawn to attempting to reproduce the classic compositions of Adams but I tried to steer clear of this, where possible, because you only end up coming out second best! Charlotte knows very well that being with me when I'm in 'landscape mode' can be a tad annoying! Whilst we were in Yosemite, California was suffering from it's worst drought in years; the river beds were mostly dried up and none of the Park's famous waterfalls were much more than a trickle. We had clear, blue skies pretty much the entire time we were here, which you may think was a good thing...I was moaning and hoping for some more cloud and just maybe a clearing storm, because it's the light, after such storms, that makes Yosemite look even more amazing. Still, just being in Yosemite Valley for these few days was something truly special, that we'll never forget; the weather gives me an excuse to persuade her to come back one day!

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