Sigma 85mm 1.4

WARNING: Camera tech geek-speak may follow! 
I've been on the look out for a fast prime for portraits for a while now and after my usual over-the-top amount of research, I decided on the Sigma 85 1.4. I haven't had a great deal of opportunity to thoroughly test the lens out but thought I'd post a few of my results for those photogs who follow my work and might be interested. Apologies to those of you who aren't! ;)

I have to say I'm so impressed with this lens and it looks like it's going to really pay off throughout the wedding season, allowing me to get those really out of focus backgrounds that draw you in to the subject of the image. I've been predominantly using a 24-105 f4 which, although having seemingly better stabilisation, isn't capable of achieving anything close to the DOF I'm getting here.

Anyways, for anyone in the market for a portrait lens, this looks like the real deal and, according to the endless online reviews I've read, is as sharp and focuses faster than the Canon 85 1.2L, which is a good bit over £1000! When time allows, I'm definitely going to look into the other possibilities this lens offers, such as moonlit landscapes and then buy some Kenko extension tubes for macro work. All in all a good buy! Oh and thanks to Chazza, Jack & Leo for being such great models! ;)

 f2 1/160s ISO 400

 f1.4 1/50s ISO 2500

 f1.8 1/4000s ISO 100

 f1.8 1/1250s ISO 100

 f1.8 1/2000s ISO 100

 f2 1/400s ISO 100

f1.8 1/125s ISO 400